Drama Review: Oh My Ghostess

Note: If you have not watched the drama beware there will be spoilers

Oh My Ghostess stars Park Bo Young as Na Bong Sun and Jo Jung Suk as Kang Sun Woo. It aired in 2015 and consist of 16 episodes.

I was pleasantly surprised with this drama. It has a little of everything; comedy, romance and even some intense action moments. Park Bo Young plays two characters, Bong Sun and Soon Ae (the ghost that possesses Bong Sun). I had not seen any of her dramas and was impressed with her acting. There is a clear definition when she plays each character, even towards the end when Bong Sun has gotten more confidence and starts taking some of the characteristics of Soon Ae.

I liked all the characters, even Soon Ae. I don’t think she stole any of the moments with Sun Woo from Bong Sun. All of those moments Soon Ae created, it was only fair she ripped the fruits from them. Yes, Sun Woo liked Bong sun since the beginning but it was not until Soon Ae came along that he got to explore those feelings because of Soon Ae’s personality.

Since Bong Sun did not let Sun Woo in, it took Soon Ae’s very forward approach towards him to see Bong Sun. As someone else had mentioned, I love how the characters are not flawless. Bong Sun was cowardly when she let Soon Ae possesses her so Soon Ae could seduce Sun Woo, she took the easy way out to make him hers. The side stories were also well-developed and I like how they all led back to Soon Ae’s death. Sun Woo’s sister getting run over was the reason for Soon Ae’s death and the reason she could not move on. The plot twist with the police officer was also well developed, it was not rushed and didn’t leave any questions. Honestly I think this drama was more about Soon Ae’s journey, Bong Sun and Sun Woo were just there to help her get closure. Overall, I really enjoyed it and the chemistry between the two leads was great. 

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