I finished this blog probably about 2 weeks after the concert and never upload it. So here it is…months later. 

Where do I start?

IMG_0032 I am a casual BTS fan. I like their music, enjoy their MVs but I don’t follow everything they do. I think they are great performers, vocalist and rappers but I can’t call myself a hardcore ARMY.  I saw BTS at KCON 2016 and was blown away by their performance.

Although I had started to listen to their music again after KCON, when their tour was announced I was not planning on going since they were not going to come to Texas. The tickets for Newark and Anaheim came and went, and then Chicago was announced. I decided to give it a try, if I got a ticket great if not that was ok.

Needless to say I managed to get a P2 ticket; I was happy with the seat and decided it was destiny for me to see them again. Forward to March 29th, D-day, there is excitement in the air as ARMYs from around the country gathered outside the Allstate Arena waiting for the show. Not even the cold weather stopped ARMYs with GA to wait in line for hours in hopes to be as close as they could to BTS.

I knew why I was in Chicago but it didn’t hit me until I stepped into the venue and saw the stage right in front of me, I didn’t realize how close it would be. As we waited for the show to start BTS MVs were playing and the fans sang along as the excitement rose.  The lights dimmed and that was our cue that the show was going to start, slowly the arena was filled with glowing white lights from all the Army bombs present.

The first VCR started playing and a light show started, the curtain fell and all ARMYs bursted into a loud scream as we saw them. They started off with Not Today and we all sang along, ARMY Bombs waiving in the air along with the beat.  For 2 hours the guys gifted us with amazing performances, from high energy dances to slow songs that made us just stop and listen to solos and group performances. It’s hard to pick a favorite performance as they were all amazing in their own right.

There are a couple of moments that stand out to me. First, Rap Monster’s solo, as he sang “I wish I could love myself” we responded in unison “We love you!”. It was impressive to see everyone coming together to show him how much we care for him. Second, the song that has been stuck in my head since the concert, the performance for 21st Century Girls (months later it still makes its way into my head). At that moment the Arena felt like a party, when they told us to put our hands up we did, when they told us to scream we did.  Third, the rainbow ocean fan project. When BTS finished their last song and we waited for the encore, fans started chanting “BTS, BTS!” and slowly those white lights turned into a rainbow. It was beautiful to see and I am happy I was able to be part of that.

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 10.44.28 PM 1

I will have to say that this is one of the best concert I have been too. I did not sit down one for one second; I jumped, danced and waved my light stick along with everyone else. The energy from the crowd made the concert go by fast and allowed me to completely let go. If you know me, you know I am usually very reserved and quiet around people I don’t know.  The combination of the amazing performances, the set list and the fans made this concert one I will not forget.



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