Drama Review- Soul

Spoiler Alert! 

Soul is a 10 episode crime horror drama that stars Lee Seo Jin as profiler Shin Ryu and Im Joo Eun as high school student Ha Na

There will be two types of people who watched this drama, they will either love it or hate it. It is not your typical drama. There is no love triangle, no evil stepmother, no meddling ex and there really isn’t a romance story. There is a hint at the two leads developing feelings for each other but it doesn’t get explored. So it can be taken as romantic feelings or just that they care about each other.

The drama is about Ha Na who has the ability to see ghost. At the start of the drama one of her classmates commits suicide and there is a serial killer targeting young girls. This is what starts the “downfall” of Ha Na. When her twin sister Du Na falls victim to the serial killer Ha Na has a breakdown and that makes her power grow. She begins to get possessed by angry ghost who are out for revenge, including her sister’s ghost.

At the beginning Ryu helps Ha Na deal with what is going on but then uses her for his own agenda, to take revenge over his sister’s killers. As nothing last forever Ha Na finds out what he is doing and loses her trust in him. Finding out everything she has done is too much for her that she starts to lose her mind. To help her Ryu erases all her memories of him, since he was the start of all of it.

With the help of her friend, Shi Woo, who has been there for her the whole time, Ha Na starts a new life…until she meets Ryu again. In the end, Ha Na loses everyone and we don’t know exactly what happens to her.

The drama is a bit hard to follow sometimes with dream sequences, the characters don’t know what is real therefore we don’t know what is real either. As in any drama the characters at times do things that we question but it is after all just a drama. Even thought it din’t have a happy ending I really enjoyed it. I liked that it was different, it was not a cookie cutter drama. It explores corruption, the good and evil in everyone. The “good” people weren’t all good and its nice to see characters that have different dimensions. The evil characters were evil until the end and in a way in this drama evil won. If you want to watch something different I recommend this drama.


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