B.A.P 2017 World Tour “Party Baby” in Dallas

Best Absolute Perfect, B.A.P is a 6 member Korean group that debuted in 2012. They have released 2 full albums and 10 mini albums and singles.

 In February, TS Entertainment announced BAP’s world tour Party Baby and as soon as the tickets went on sale I jumped at the opportunity to go see them. I managed to get a P1 ticket that included hi-touch. I was going alone and in no time I was able to make friends with other fans also going alone, weeks before the concert we would talk about how excited we were to see them.

2017-04-15 09.52.57-1

Tour Merch & fan gifts

Being able to talk to someone who is as (or more) excited as I was just made the anticipation for this concert grow so much more. 3 weeks before the concert, Powerhouse announced that there would also be a photo op package that would include several pieces of merchandise. Again, I jumped at the opportunity and got myself a package. Although the hi-touch is amazing, I really wanted the physical memory that had I meet them.

On April 14th I made my way to Dallas listening to their music in preparation to see them. When I arrived I checked into my hotel, got ready and made my way to The Majestic Theater to meet other fans and wait. Although we waited for over 2 hours, time flew by as we listen to their music and share our excitement. The doors open at 6 and we started to make our way inside, the anticipation kept building as we could hear the music from the theater lobby. The doors opened and we could see a sea of blue lights and music set to get the fans ready for the amazing night ahead.

We did not have to wait long before DJ B.Shoo came out and got the party started, with up beat music and a light show to go along with it, he had the crowd jumping and dancing along in no time.

The lights went out and the first VCR started, showing the guys getting ready and walking to the stage while “B.A.P” played in the background as the fans erupted in a cheer screaming “B.A.P is back” over and over and going crazy as B.A.P came on stage. They started with a high energy medley that included Hurricane, Carnival and Badman as the stage was surrounded in green lights and strobe lights giving it the club feeling.

2017-04-14 20.37.42The whole atmosphere was in a party mood with confetti cannons coming alive during Carnival,  Do what I feel and ending song B.A.B.Y. From fan cams of other shows I knew that we would be seeing some water guns and we did. The members had fun shooting at us with them, so much so that at one point Himchan aimed at one fan in the front and had no mercy.

During this tour there was a segment where a member would pick a fan who had followed the dress code and the fan would get to go on stage. At this stop Jong Up was the one that chose and the lucky fan got to go on stage and interact with the members. Although it was only one fan that was able to do this it was still a special moment.



Solo stages

B.A.P performed some of my favorite songs and I did not hesitate to sing along with them. I “sang” along to Wake me Up (my favorite song at the moment) and Skydive, so much so that I had to stop and drink water because I knew I was going to lose my voice. It was impossible not to be hyped and dance, their energy was contagious and I did not sit until the very end. The solo stages performed by Zelo, Daehyun and Youngjae were also breathtaking, slow songs that allowed the fans to just stop for a minute and listen.



Check On

I also got to hear new songs like Check On which apparently is accompanied with a dance that fans follow along to. I have no rhythm but I could follow along to that dance… or maybe they were just really good teachers. It was funny watching tough looking Yongguk teaching us that dance. I was not expecting that and it became one of my favorite moments of the concert. Another moment that was special was seeing all 6 members perform Skydive, after all they had gone through I was happy to see Yongguk on stage. Another song that took me by surprise was Body & Soul, it was full of astonishing light show that fit the slow beat of the song perfectly and smooth dancing that included lots of body rolls that made us all scream.

The ending song B.A.B.Y, a song for the fans, was particularly cathartic. In a sense it felt like I was saying good bye to a good friend. It might sound weird but knowing that the concert was over was a bit sad, I didn’t want the moment to end. In a short time I had gotten to know the members and they had just shared with us something they love.

IMG_0528I try to look back and pick my favorite moment but I don’t think I can. Although there are moments that stand out, the whole concert was just incredible.  The members gave 110% to every single performance. I realize that one reason why I like B.A.P is that they are a well rounded group; great vocals, great rapping, stage presence and they can pull of any type of song. They can go from up beat fun songs like Carnival to hard core hip hop feel songs like Badman so effortlessly. I have been listening to their songs nonstop since the concert and I do not get bored of them because their music is so diverse.

Now to the meeting them part, I don’t have an amazing fan story. The hi-touch is a bit of a blur. I was so hype up due to the concert that the closer we would get to where they were   the faster my heart started beating. Luckily I was not alone and could rely on my new B.A.B.Y friends to try to keep my cool. Only thing is that we were all excited. Like any Hi-touch it went super fast, I can remember seeing Yongguk first and his smile and holding Himchan’s hand, not on purpose but it kind of just happened that way.

2017-04-17 19.34.48

The Photo op was also fast, I stood in front of Himchan, I could not bring my self to do any more that just say hi to them again as I walked to where Himchan was standing. Nothing out of the ordinary happen, I am just happy I got to meet them.

I cannot describe this concert in any other way than it was amazing. I was told by another fan that if I didn’t already love them I would fall in love with them during the concert…well I fell in love with them. I have officially become a B.A.B.Y.

Everything about it was perfect, I feel bless to have had the opportunity to see and meet them. I look forward to see what the future holds for this talented group.



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