Peniel’s “Homesick”

Reposting from my old blog page “Hallyu’s Den” 

Looking back at Peniel’s first Mixtape titled “Homesick”. This mixtape is in collaboration with Kairos.  



Peniel is one of the rappers of kpop idol group Born To Beat (BTOB). He debuted with BTOB in 2012 with a mini album of the same name. The title track was “Insane” and it really showcase what they have to offer.

With 3 rappers in the group the distribution of lines is not always equal. I feel that of the 3 rappers Peniel always get the least lines, usually only getting the lines that are in English. Especially now, since their success with the ballad “It’s Ok” they are doing more ballads songs which means less rap lines.

When I found out that he was planning on releasing a mixtape it made me very happy that he is able to show his talent and what he has to offer through this mixtape.

You can listen and download Peniel & Kairos Homesick Mixtape Vol.1 HERE

The mixtape consist of 5 songs and they all feature other artists. Although the songs feature other artists Peniel still shines in all of the songs. The sound of the mixtape is more of an american hip hop sound, if that makes any sense. I usually do not listen to pure hip hop music but I find myself really enjoying this mixtape.

All of the songs have a great sound and really showcase his voice. Beside the sound of the songs what I like the most is the lyrics.

Through this mixtape you get to know Peniel more. He talks of his experience of moving from Chicago to Seoul and the hardships he endured. My favorite lyrics are from “1Up on Milhouse” and “Homesick”, in these two songs he really opens up about his feelings. You can check out the lyrics HERE.

Let me know which track is your favorite.

You can check out what Peniel has to say about his first mixtape HERE.  

Let’s give him all the support he deserves!

Follow Peniel on his SNS:

Instagram: btobpeniel

Twitter: penielshin



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